Home Kit Instructions

Home Kit Instructions

Home Kit Instructions
New Advanced Teeth Whitening From The USA


1.  Submerge your gum tray into a bowl of water that has been boiled and left to cool for 1 minute for approx 8 -10 seconds, using finger tag. You will see them begin to wilt.

2.  Shake off excess water place into your mouth .Press aginst teeth while sucking up to roof of mouth with your tongue. Let it cool and your tray should be moulded to your teeth. *( This is an option as our mouth trays are new soft guards and can be used without moulding )*

3. You are now ready for your whitening process, place a small amount of the gel (2lines) onto a cotton bud or applicator, spread over the front of teeth.Place gum tray over the teeth.

4. Leave whitening gel on for 30-60 minutes every day untill the required shade is achieved. After every whitening gel apply 1cc of remineraliser (Blue syringe) (1line)  .Leave on teeth for 5 minuted then rinse. This quickley and safely helps to toughen the enamel and helps to prevent staining on teeth.



Do not overfill trays, not to be used by pregnant, nursing women, this product is not recommended for people with gingivitis or gum disease or people with orthodontic braces. keep refrigerated and out of the reach of children.